Determined to be a Doctor Someday (D.D.S.)

"Is there a need for a program that would provide mentorship and resources for students who wish to obtain doctorate degrees in healthcare? Currently, professional schools across the nation are reporting low minority enrollment numbers in their programs, and these shortages are not specific to one particular discipline. It is known that minority professionals typically treat minority populations. With a reduction in the number of graduates from these professional schools and an increase in the number of minorities in the general population, the barrier to obtaining healthcare will continue to enlarge if this trend continues. Unfortunately, this will result in millions without access to care. So, the answer to the aforementioned question is, 'Absolutely, Yes!'

Housed on the campus of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, the six-month program’s objective is to stimulate and encourage minority and under-represented individuals’ interests in professional healthcare programs by exposing qualified participants to the different doctorate degrees available." -