Three Questions to Our Future Health Leaders in the Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Community

Our very own contributor Dr. Antonio Moya wrote a reflection-piece on the light at the end of the tunnel of medical training that was recently featured by the National Council of Asian Pacific Islander Physicians. In it, he shares 3 tips for mentorship, community engagement, and concrete thinking for medical trainees. Here's a preview: "I want to let my APAMSA medical students know, firstly, that the most formative times in your medical training will be the times you spend outside of the classroom, sitting next to your patient, holding her hand in the hospital and giving her hope, or the time you are in the community in your patient's neighborhood, talking to his family members about health and happiness. Now, working in a clinician research fellowship, I take the daily opportunity to dive into AANHPI disparities research, realizing that there is indeed an ending to the tunnel of medical training. The light at the end of the tunnel actually exists!" Read Dr. Moya’s full reflection here and check out his journey here.